Paul Otlet – World City

The World City would house the League of Nations, the International Labour Organization, the World Bank, a centre for the Olympic Games, an International Centre for Science, Culture and Information, etc.
This model of a total centralization of international institutions in one city was the only solution in Otlet’s view to organize the emerging global networks.
otlet world centre
The World City surely was a utopia. Nonetheless, in order to promote his idea of the World City, Otlet collaborated on different occasions with a whole series of architects: H.C. Andersen and Ernest Hébrard, Octave van Rysselberghe, Louis Van der Swaelmen, Le Corbusier,


These architects elaborated a spatial representation of Otlet’s programme for a World City. Although the programme of these designs stays fixed, the context for these assignments and the specific design of the architect or urbanist in question reveals each time another aspect of the geography of the World City.

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